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We are experts in building efficient IT development teams with Filipino developers. For each project, we set up a team of hand-picked and carefully evaluated IT developers led by a Swedish system architect/tech lead. This means that you get a high-quality team for your projects at a very competitive price. You don't have to worry about what it's like to work with offshore resources - we take overall responsibility for the project or function. We do this successfully today together with several both smaller and larger customers, so we know it works. We also provide single IT development resources that work as an integral part of your existing team. We are therefore particularly careful to ensure that the developers not only have the right technical skills, but that they are also communicative, good at English, and have experience working with Western customers. We are also continuously involved in the collaboration to the extent that is desirable and necessary to ensure top-notch deliveries. We guarantee our customers great price/performance without long binding contract terms, as well as the attention and support they need at any given time.

About Us

Our experience in setting up and running IT development units in the Philippines and our local presence in the country allow us to deliver first-class IT services to our clients. We know how to avoid the main problems with offshore development and how to minimize misunderstandings and unnecessary costs. We handpick developers for each individual role, and we ensure not only technical competence but also communication skills and the right personal qualities. This allows us to guarantee our customers smooth and hassle-free deliveries. Our ongoing involvement with both customers and developers ensures that everything develops as intended and that we quickly resolve any questions or problems that arise. We work in close partnership with you to ensure you succeed in your digital challenges and projects. From digital strategy to finalized product.

Loved by businesses and developers.

Our team members are skilled and motivated individuals. We value developers that understand both code and business value. Transparent communication between clients and developers has always been our recipe for success.

    • The CoCompetence developers are great to work with, extremely agile and prepared to go the extra mile with our needs.

      Business & IT System Owner - Eleiko
    • CoCompetence gives me the freedom to work with awesome technologies and the responsibility to work on my own terms.

      Full-stack Developer - CoCompetence
    • CoCompetence developers are communicative, proactive, and easy to work with. They are reliable and always deliver top-class results according to our expectations.

      Founder & CEO - Stenbolaget
    • CoCompetence makes sure that the developers always have room for career growth and a very healthy work-life balance which is hard to find in the corporate world.

      John Paul
      Back-end Developer - CoCompetence
    • Since I started working with CoCompetence, I have learned new skills and technologies. I have grown as a developer.

      Full-stack Developer - CoCompetence

Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions?

    • Can CoCompetence assist in defining requirements for a project?

      Absolutely. We have extensive experience in both defining requirements and setting the system architecture of a project. We are happy to provide our customers with full-service commitments – from initial idea to the launch of a product, including choice of technical solutions and platforms, ongoing project management, development, and quality assurance.

    • How can I be sure that the quality of the delivery will be the same as when I work with Swedish developers?

      All the developers we onboard in CoCompetence have a relevant degree from the university and several years of work experience (depending on the desired seniority). So there is nothing in their education or experience that differs from their Swedish colleagues. On the contrary, we experience that Filipino developers often have a greater commitment and higher ambitions than many Westerners. On top of that, we Swedes in CoCompetence are always involved in our customers ‘projects and the developers’ delivery. And if a customer so wishes, we can also take formal responsibility for the QA function.

    • Is the language barrier something that could be a problem in a team that includes developers from the Philippines?

      Naturally, they don’t speak Swedish, but English is one of the official languages in the Philippines that is used in everyday life. All signs, menus, instructions, etc., are in English so virtually everyone speaks the language, if not fluent then at least fully understandable. English is spoken much better in the Philippines than in any other Asian country. And if you prefer to handle all communication in Swedish, we offer our concept “offshore in Swedish” where we meet that desire.

    • As an EU company, do we have to handle invoices from outside of EU?

      No, CoCompetence is a registred in Sweden. (CoCompetence International AB). For you as a customer, it is identical to doing business with any European company

    • Is it a problem with the time difference when working with the Philippines?

      The time difference is 6-7 hours depending on winter / summer, but at the same time the circadian rhythm is different in the Philippines so they often work between 11 a.m.-8 p.m. This means that we often share half working days with them, so there’s rarely a problem conducting daily meetings and reconciliations. Furthermore, Filipinos are very flexible and not strangers to adapt to any need that may arise.

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